Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)
Orbital XS (Extreme)

Orbital XS (Extreme)

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  • Precision Machined Parts
  • Hospital-Grade Vinyl
  • High-Quality, Meticulously Sourced Materials
  • Made in Canada
The Orbital Extreme (XS) is a custom built, full body ergonomic support system. It features our patented weight activated fully articulating ball assembly, which provides hands-free position-locking and unrestricted “orbital” movement in tilting, turning and angular positioning. Please contact us directly for more information.
  1. Revolutionary ergonomic anterior support.
  2. High quality materials.
  3. Easy glide casters.
  4. Heavy base for added stability.
  5. Low center of gravity.
  6. Post leans forward for maximum clearance.
  7. Adjustable leaning position (optional).
  8. Adjustable chest support
  9. Independently adjustable arm rests.
  10. Seat tilt & slide adjustments
  11. Available with saddle seat or custom (flat) ergonomic seat.
  12. Arm rests, chest and seat are linked and move together with height adjustment.
  13. Small space requirement (footprint) – ergonomic dental chair ideal for smaller operatives.
  14. Hands free (sterile) adjustment for tilt and height (Orbital S).

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Orbital XS

Orbital 5S


Patented Articulating Position Adjustment

Our patented weight activated ball clamp assembly provides hands-free position-locking and fully articulating, unrestricted “orbital” movement in tilting, turning and angular positioning while maintaining sterility.

To operate, simply stand-up, activate foot lever & position yourself. Release the foot lever and you are re-locked in the new position.

Seat Slide and Tilt

The seat incorporates a unique slide and tilt system. Tilt position can be adjusted to achieve an optimal (posture perfect) curvature of the spine using the large micro adjustable knob at the back.

This neutral spine position relieves the tension of the back muscles allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to also relax. Seat slide (set-back) is adjusted using the two pins on the seat track assembly.

Chest Support

The height adjustable 2-piece articulating chest support and adjustable arm rests and chin pad ensures comfort during long procedures.

Hands-Free Height Adjustment

Hands-free height adjustment is operated by a foot pedal conveniently located at floor level allowing the user to maintain sterility.


Custom Design/Colours

The Orbital Xtreme Surgical is a fully custom built support system. Please contact us for more information.

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