Ergonomic Medical Chairs

Surgeons continually experience repetition, poor posture or body mechanics, and extended durations in positions during their surgical procedures; all key factors known to cause musculoskeletal injury and pain. Currently, most surgeons are using medical stools that can compound these negatively impacting factors.

While some surgical stool manufacturers have attempted to add some ergonomic elements to the stools, they still don’t have the support required for optimal, full-body ergonomic surgical positioning. Orbital ergonomic medical stools can reduce or eliminate the factors that cause strain and injury. Orbital Support Systems has many leading edge solutions to alleviate this wide-spread problem.

Orbital medical chairs and stools are ergonomic support devices used to support the surgeon while performing surgery. These ergonomic medical chairs can be used to support the surgeon in either a seated or standing position and gives the surgeon close proximity to the working area while providing full body support; thereby alleviating body fatigue.

Which chair is best for you?

We have outlined the key features of each medical chair below...

Orbital Saddle Stool

The Orbital Saddle Stool presents a premium saddle seat designed to promote optimal ergonomic alignment. With its wide and sturdy base, the stool ensures stability, preventing any tipping when leaning or rolling over cords and objects.

Orbital S

The Orbital Surgical (S) is a hands free height adjustable anterior support system. The low center of gravity four wheeled base is the most compact and stable base in the surgical arena. It is fully adjustable including seat slide and tilt, chest pad height and independently adjustable armrests.

Orbital MS

The Orbital Microsurgical (MS) is a larger version of the S. The base size is larger to accommodate the additional height requirements of a higher, near standing, environment. Hands free height adjustment is achieved by a foot activated lever. The adjustable chest pad and independently adjustable arm rests make it ideal for long procedures and microsurgery.

Orbital XS

The Orbital Extreme (XS) is a custom built full body ergonomic support system. It features our patented weight activated fully articulating ball assembly, which provides hands-free position-locking and unrestricted “orbital” movement in tilting, turning and angular positioning.

Orbital in the OR

Doctor on Orbital ergonomic surgical chair with armrests and chest support is the best ergonomic stool for surgeons.