Orbital Support
Systems Inc.

Ergonomic Chairs and Stools for Dental, Medical, and Workplace Professionals.

The Evolution
of Seating.

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Orbital Support Systems Inc.

Orbital chairs and stools offer an ideal ergonomic solution for dentists, dental assistants, medical practitioners, and all other healthcare and workplace professionals who spend their day standing or sitting in a forward leaning position.

Our Founders,
Alan and Alain

With Dr. Cindy Nagle (DDS) at the Pacific Dental Conference.

Presentation at the University of British Columbia (UBC)

For Occupational Therapy Students.

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The orbital chair is beneficial for all dental professions.

Orbital in

Stable, compact, with a full range of motion makes this chair ideal for long operations in a forward leaning environment.

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Other Workplaces

Tattoo artists, beauty technicians, office workers, and other forward leaning professions enjoy the orbital chairs.

Don't take our word for it


"At first sight the design looked peculiar but it suddenly all made sense. The chair supported my back and my arms thereby alleviating any stress or tension on my shoulder muscles. It was amazing. I could work all day without feeling any pain on my shoulder." "Try it you will not regret it."

Dr. Sylvain Marino



“I decided to purchase an Orbital ergonomic dental chair as an investment into my health, ergonomics, and productivity before my health became debilitating. I recommend this chair if you’re being proactive about a long-term career in dentistry.”

Dr. James Jung



“The chest support keeps my back absolutely straight and alleviates pain even if I use the spring function where I can tilt forward.”

Dr. Alin Rusu



"It is the only currently available chair that works well. With the adjustable chest and arm supports, adjustable angle and height of the seat and the ability to lock it in position. It also enables us to maintain optimal ergonomic positioning, minimized fatigue and neck or back aches. The quality of the construction is superb. I highly recommend this chair."

Dr. Marc Goldstein

MD, DSc (hon), FACS | Surgeon-in-Chief, Weill Cornell Medicine


"I am very happy with the Orbital Chair I purchased, and I would recommend this product to any colleague who suffer from similar back pain that I had."

Dr. Julia Ratkay


Standard Stool VS Orbital (Slide Arrows)

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