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Ergonomic Chairs & Stools for Healthcare Professionals

Orbital chairs offer an ideal ergonomic solution for dentists, dental assistants, medical practitioners, and all other healthcare workers who spend their day standing or sitting in a forward leaning position.


Best ergonomic dentist chair


The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a polished aluminum 5 wheeled base. The unique forward tilting feature offers better access to your patient. 

Orbital Assist - dental assistant chair foot ring


The Orbital Assist is a larger version of the Orbital 5S. This chair incorporates a larger diameter base, increased height, and foot ring. Making it ideal for use by dental assistants.


The Orbital Surgical (S) is an ultra-stable ergonomic support system in a saddle chair. Medical and Dental and professionals will find its compact design perfect for fitting into any operatory. 


The Orbital Microsurgical (MS) is an ergonomic stool designed for use in microsurgery and standing environments where precision movements are required.


The Orbital Modular Chair is easily customized to suit your needs. Start with the base, post, seat and chest support. Then add options to suit your requirements. Great for any forward working environment.


The Orbital Modular ESD Chair is a fully bonded and grounded anti-static chair. Just add the options as required. Excellent for use around sensitive electronics.


The Orbital Xtreme Surgical (XS) is a full-body ergonomic support device. Custom-built to perfectly fit the operator in his or her work environment.



Dentists, hygienists and dental assistants frequently suffer from work-related injuries and disorders. Many of these issues stem from poor posture for sustained periods of time. An ergonomic dental chair can prevent such injuries, minimizing lost work.

All our dental chairs are designed with the type of work you do in mind. You’ll be able to keep all your equipment within reach to prevent twisting and straining. You’ll also have easy access to your patient, leading to a more comfortable experience for both of you.

To switch tasks, simply adjust the position of the chair by adapting the tilt or height. Adjustments are hands-free to help you maintain a sterile environment. Plus, the armrests, chest, and seat all move together when you make a height adjustment, allowing for quick shifts in position as you continue to work.

Surgeons and other medical professionals frequently suffer from pain and musculoskeletal injuries due to repetitive strain and extended periods in the same position. With a chair from Orbital Support Systems, you’ll remain comfortable no matter how long you need to work.

Only Orbital Chairs can help to eliminate the factors that lead to injury. Our ergonomic support systems provide you with full-body support. This is due to the combination of revolutionary anterior support, adjustable chest support, seat tilt, and adjustable armrests, among other features.

In addition, our ergonomic chairs require a minimal amount of space. You’ll be able to fit a chair into your work area, no matter your space restraints.

Although we specialize in ergonomic solutions for healthcare professionals, our chairs and stools are suitable for a wide range of applications. Our clients include office workers, architects, tattoo artists, and beauticians. If you’re looking to relieve the pain in your neck, arms, shoulders, or back, an ergonomic office chair from Orbital is right for you.

All of our chairs and stools are made from the highest-quality materials for durability and comfort. They feature a seat that can tilt and slide, attached to a stable base. We are always improving our current offerings and increasing our product line to offer better solutions to meet your unique needs.

Talk to a member of our team to find out which of our solutions would be best for you.

Testimonials from Professionals

The chest support keeps my back absolutely straight and alleviates pain even if I use the spring function where I can tilt forward.

— Alin Rusu, RDH

I decided to purchase an Orbital ergonomic dental chair as an investment into my health, ergonomics, and productivity before my health became debilitating. I recommend this chair if you’re being proactive about a long-term career in dentistry.

— Dr. James Jung, DDS

The first thing I noticed that my lower back doesn’t hurt any more! After that, my next discovery was that my shoulders are not as tense.

— Dr. Julia Ratkay

It enables us to maintain optimal ergonomic positioning, minimized fatigue and neck or back aches. The quality of the construction is superb. I highly recommend this chair.

— Marc Goldstein, MD, DSc (hon), FACS

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