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The ergonomic chair and stool company idea arose in 2003 during a dinner conversation with a surgeon friend. He was experiencing debilitating aches and pains during extended surgical procedures and this pain had moved him from operating in a standing position, to a seated position. He was still in pain. We discussed the details of his surgical procedures, and it immediately became clear that there was room for improvement. Surgeons sacrifice their bodies on a daily basis for the benefit of their patients, resulting in musculoskeletal disorders and pain. The evening ended with a simple sketch of a chair with a chest support and arm rests and “Why don’t you use something like this?”, he responded “It doesn’t exist”. It was hard to believe that an industry so technologically advanced did not have such a device – research ensued. It was immediately evident that this surgeon was not the only one in pain.

The cocktail-napkin-drawing quickly turned into an AutoCAD 3D concept. The 3D milling machine was busy trying to keep up with our creations and we worked with the doctor and multiple ergonomics experts, constantly making changes and modifications over the next three years. Four prototypes later, we completed a sit/stand design with a hands-free, weight activated, ball clamp system that provides unrestricted “orbital” movement.

Orbital Support Systems Ltd. was incorporated in 2013 and we obtained our first patent in 2015.

Another area of healthcare that is plagued with poor posture and musculoskeletal injury and pain is dentistry. It is well documented that over 70% of dental practitioners are in some form of pain. We expanded into dentistry and produce specialty chairs and stools for dentists, hygienists and dental assistants. Awareness of proper ergonomics and good posture is becoming more prominent in all industries and more recently we have been helping assembly line workers, office workers, welders, architects, tattoo artists, beauty salons, and more.

Orbital realizes that anyone working in a forward leaning environment will likely end up in pain — often chronic. Having a proactive approach to ergonomics will ensure that you maintain good body health throughout your career.

There are currently 7 chair models in our product line and we have produced many custom built chairs. We are constantly innovating and creating solutions to improve workplace ergonomics and dedicated to maintaining the highest quality ergonomic support systems available on the market.

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