The Orbital S (Surgical)

The Orbital S (surgical) chair was initially designed for Medical Doctors. Ergonomics in the operating room is almost non-existent and consists of simple stools (with worn out foam). Doctors continuously sacrifice their bodies for the good of their patients. This chair is the result of multiple prototypes, six years of testing and refining and many hours spent observing various surgical operations. It was extensively tested in microscopic surgery especially in optometry and plastic surgery. This chair found its way into dentistry and is used extensively by dentists who see the health-value of excellent ergonomic positioning. The low center of gravity base provides a very stable working platform, does not interfere with your feet and takes up less space in the operatory. Adjustments are micro-adjustable to fit any operator and the height adjustment is hands free. The unique “reverse-seating” design with chest pad and arm rests ease tension on the upper body, arms and back–providing full body support. The Orbital S is available with saddle seat or standard seating.

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The evolution of ergonomic seating.