The Orbital Surgical (S) is a full ergonomic support system for the operatory.

The Orbital Chair S is ideal for operators where floor space is limited. Our unique 4 wheel base takes up less space than traditional chairs/stools. The low center of gravity base gives the operator a very stable and grounded feeling.

Our most popular design

The low center of gravity 4 wheeled base is made of powdercoated 1/2 steel plate, which adds weight for stability.

Foot pegs give an alternative location for foot placement.

This base comes complete with high quality aluminum shielded Sheppard urethane Casters.

The chest support is height adjustable and was made as thin as possible to minimize setback from the patient.

Height adjustments are made by backing off the knob at the front of the pad, sliding up or down and tightening the knob back into the detent, at the desired height. An upholstered protective cover is also supplied.

The seat incorporates a unique slide and tilt system. Tilt position can be adjusted to achieve an optimal (posture perfect) curvature of the spine using the large micro adjustable knob at the back.

This neutral spine position relieves the tension of the back muscles allowing the neck and shoulder muscles to also relax. Seat slide (set-back) is adjusted using the two pins on the seat track assembly.

Hands-free height adjustment is operated by a foot pedal conveniently located at floor level allowing the user to maintain sterility.

The optional main post tilt adjustment.

Adjustment can be made using the knob at the back of the post.

Independently adjustable arm rests (2) with travel limiters, mounted on an easily installed bracket.

The arm rests glide effortlessly on bearings and travel limiters ensure that they remain in the working field.

The arm rests are independently adjustable by using the knobs on the lower bracket.

Supporting the arms eases the tension on the arms, shoulders, neck and back helping to prevent occupational health problems.

We also build custom built chairs meeting size and height requirements to suit your needs.

Orbital Chairs look best in black, but custom color options are available.


  • Base style

    4 wheel – low center of gravity

  • Base width

    15 1/4" (38.7 cm)

  • Base length

    21" (53.3 cm)

  • Caster type

    Cast aluminum w eurothane dual wheels

  • Seat height down

    20" (50.8 cm)

  • Seat height up

    24" (61 cm)

  • Additional height adjustment

    3" (2.54 cm)

  • Height adjustment type

    Hands-free -- foot pedal activated

  • Seat slide adjustment

    2 1/4" (6 cm)

  • Seat tilt


  • Chest support adjustment

    3″ (7.6 cm)

  • Upholstery material - seat & chest pad


  • Arm rests

    Independently adjustable

  • Arm rest adjustment

    3 1/4" (8.3 cm)

  • Arm rest material


  • Arm rest pad material


  • Foot rests


  • Post tilt Adjustable


  • Weight

    45 Lbs (20 kg)

*Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate.



What our customers say about the Orbital S

I decided to purchase an Orbital ergonomic dental chair as an investment into my health, ergonomics, and productivity before my health became debilitating. I recommend this chair if you’re being proactive about a long-term career in dentistry.

The chair supported my back and my arms thereby alleviating any stress or tension on my shoulder muscles. It was amazing. I could work all day without feeling any pain on my shoulder.