The Orbital 5S

Sore back, neck, shoulders or arms? Work pain free with this full body ergonomic support system.

The Orbital 5S (5 star) was designed for dentistry. Dental offices are equipped with stools and chairs with back rests, which do little to help with ergonomic positioning in a forward leaning work environment. Orbital chairs apply a “reverse seating” principle, providing anterior support to ensure proper posture is maintained.

The chest pad is height adjustable and supports the torso, thereby relieving tension in the back. Compact design minimizes set-back from the patient. The arm rests support the arms, shoulders, neck and upper back. They glide effortlessly and are independently height adjustable to suit different working positions. This chair is available with our custom seat or saddle seat, both covered in high quality ultra-leather.

One of the key design features of the Orbital 5S is the spring loaded forward tilt. The chest pad and seat move together under spring tension. The tilt resistance is adjustable and can be locked out. Dentists, hygienists and dental assistants enjoy the forward tilt feature as it maintains all of the ergonomic benefits, without limiting movement.

This chair provides full body ergonomic support, while maintaining correct posture and helps to avoid repetitive strain injury. Please see more details on our ergonomic chairs and testimonials.