The leading professional chair for ergonomic support.

The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a traditional 5 wheeled base with chrome casters and twin neoprene wheels. This chair has an adjustable spring loaded forward leaning option that can be locked out using the same handle as the height adjustment.

The height adjustable chest pad is designed to ensure that proper neutral posture is maintained. The chest pad serves as bio-feedback to remind you to maintain proper posture. Optional independently adjustable arm rests complete this support system by relieving the tension on your arms, shoulders, neck and back.

The chair can also be used in reverse when the arm rests and chest pad are not required.

Flexible ergonomic design for everyone

The 5S uses a very stable standard 5 wheel (5 Star) base. Equipped with 5 urethane twin-wheeled casters.

The chest support is height adjustable and was made as thin as possible to minimize setback from the patient.

Height adjustments are made by backing off the knob at the front of the pad, sliding up or down and tightening the knob back into the detent, at the desired height. An upholstered protective cover is also supplied.

The hydraulic height adjustment is activated by a lever located at left hand side of the seat.

The 5S incorporates a unique forward tilting option that allows you to get a little closer to the patient, while maintaining proper posture.

The chest pad and seat move together ensuring correct posture. The forward tilt is resistance adjustable using the spring tensioner located under the seat. It can also be locked in upright position by sliding in the height adjustment lever.

Independently adjustable armrests ease the tension on the shoulders, arms, neck and back helping to prevent occupational health problems. The arm rests glide effortlessly on bearings and travel limiters ensure that they remain in the working field. The arm rests are independently height adjustable using the small knob at the center pivot. The leather arm rest pads are cupped to hold your arm in a comfortable, stable position.

The saddle seat, upholstered in black vinyl, is an option on all of our chairs.

We also build custom built chairs meeting size and height requirements to suit your needs.

Orbital Chairs look best in black, but custom color options are available.


  • Base style

    5 Wheeled plastic base

  • Weight

    25 lbs (11.3 kg)

  • Seat size

    17" X 11 1/2" (43 cm X 29 cm)

  • Seat height down

    18" (46 cm)

  • Seat height up

    23" (58 cm)

  • Chest support adjustment

    3" (7.6 cm)

  • Caster type

    Neoprene dual wheels

  • Caster housing

    Cast aluminnum

  • Height adjustment

    Hand lever

  • Upholstery material - seat


  • Upholstery material - chest pad


  • Arm rests

    Independently adjustable

  • Arm rest adjustment

    3 1/4" (8.3 cm)

  • Arm rest material


  • Post tilt Adjustable

    Adjustable spring resistance

  • Seat tilt lock-out


  • Chest pad set-back adjustment


*Note: All dimensions and weights are approximate.



What our customers say about the Orbital 5S

The first thing I noticed that my lower back doesn’t hurt any more! After that, my next discovery was that my shoulders are not as tense.