3 Reasons not to be “SCARED” of ergonomics this Halloween:

dental chair and dental stool for ergonomics
  1. Orbital Chairs have a chest pad that ergonomically supports the operator in a forward leaning position, relieving the strain on your back. Unused back rests are scary!
  2. Orbital Chairs have arm rests that ergonomically support your arms, relieving back, shoulders and neck pain. Working long procedures unsupported is very scary!
  3. Orbital Chairs have a forward tilt feature. The seat and chest pad move together (with the arm rests) to provide better positioning, while still maintaining proper ergonomics. Nothing scary about that!

Orbital Support Systems is doing our best to provide you with the best possible ergonomic chair or stool for your occupation. The Orbital 5S was designed specifically for use in dentistry by dentists and registered dental hygienists. The Orbital Assist is a larger version of the Orbital 5S (larger base, longer hydraulic cylinder & foot ring) and works well for dental assistants. Say good bye to that awkward, posture destroying “belly bar”.

Dentistry isn’t the only field enjoying the benefits of using an Orbital Chair. We have many surgeons, ultrasound technicians, architects, tattoo artists, office workers, assembly line workers, welders (and recently a pianist) using our chairs to relieve muscle tension and improve their overall body health. Anyone working in a forward leaning, or focused, environment will immediately feel the ergonomic benefit of using our support systems.

Please see more details about our stools and chairs in the Orbital Support Systems website. Our testimonials say it all.

Happy Halloween!