The Orbital MS – Microsurgical Ergonomic Chair

The Orbital MS (Microsurgical) ergonomic chair is a larger version of the Orbital S (Surgical) chair. This ergonomic chair was designed for doctors who operate in operating rooms that were designed to be used at standing height. It offers easy migration from a standing to supported sitting position.  This chair features hands free height adjustment (to maintain sterility), low center of gravity 4-wheeled base and foot pegs (to support your legs).  This chair is fully adjustable for height, seat setback (distance from post), seat tilt and chest support height. The arm rests are independently height adjustable and have been modified with travel limiters and increased friction at the swivel joints, so they remain in your pre-set position – perfect when your eyes are in the microscope! Medical doctors and surgeons value the ergonomic support that this chair offers, especially during long procedures. This ergonomic chair also works well for tall dentists. Our chairs are available with our custom double density foam seat or saddle seat. The Orbital microsurgical ergonomic chairs and stools are used in hospitals all over North America. If you are suffering from pain in your shoulders, neck, arms, upper or lower back — there is a solution.

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