The Orbital Modular Ergonomic Chair

The Orbital Modular ergonomic chair is an easily customized, full body support system. Orbital chairs apply a “reverse seating” principle, providing chest support to ensure that proper posture is maintained. The modular design gives the operator the ability to custom build a chair to suit their specific needs.
Simply start by ordering the “base chair” assembly. This chair consists of a space saving (low-center-of-gravity) four-wheeled base, support post, seat, and chest support. Then choose the optional attachments to suit your field of expertise. The options are all easily installed using a pin system and include a standard seat or saddle seat, a foot rest “t-bar”, hydraulic height adjustment, and arm rests. New options are regularly being created by our design team and custom builds are also available. This ergonomic support system works well in medical, dental and healthcare and are used by veterinarians, beauty salons, architects, assembly line workers and tattoo artists — to mention a few. Also in the modular line is a fully bonded electro-static discharge free (ESD) chair for operators working with sensitive electronics.
The chest pad is height adjustable and supports the torso, thereby relieving tension in the back. The arm rests support the arms, shoulders, neck and upper back. And the height is adjustable to a near standing position. This chair provides full body ergonomic support, while maintaining correct posture and helps to avoid repetitive strain injury. Please visit our website for more details on the Orbital Modular chair and to view our testimonials.
The Evolution of Ergonomic Seating