ADA Wellness Survey reveals dentists’ ergonomic issues

ADA Wellness Survey reveals dentists’ ergonomic issues

The ADA Council on Dental Practice’s Dental Wellness Advisory Committee conducted a 2015 survey to study the well-being of dentists.

Poor ergonomics emerged as a major issue.

Two-thirds of the respondents reported that they suffered from neck pain and nearly half of them said that it was either moderate or severe in its intensity. A similar percentage reported low back pain and again, half of those surveyed said that it ranged from moderate to severe.

“The practice of dentistry involves risk factors such as strained postures, repetitive motion and sustained muscular contractions, not to mention confined spaces,” said Dr. Douglas Wolff, chair of the committee. “When dentists went from standing up to sitting down, many of these problems were thought to be eliminated, but there continues to be a significant number of physical complaints associated with practicing dentistry. Good ergonomics should be a cornerstone of today’s modern dental practice in order to keep the clinician comfortable, efficient, effective and healthy.”

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