Workplace ergonomics


From office to industrial, we have you covered.

We provide ergonomic support for veterinarians, architects, tattoo artists, beauty salons, pediatrics, offices, assembly line workers and welders to relieve neck arm, shoulder and back pain.

Orbital Chair Advantages:

  1. Ergonomic support.
  2. High quality materials.
  3. Adjustable chest support.
  4. Independently adjustable arm rests.
  5. Seat tilt & slide.
  6. Stable base.
  7. Height adjustment.

We are constantly innovating and creating solutions to improve workplace ergonomics.

For more information, fill out our contact sheet and a member from our team will get back to you as soon as possible to chat about how Orbital can help provide you with more comfort in the workplace!

Featured Products

Orbital 5S

The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a traditional 5 wheeled base. The chest pad and arm rests are adjustable and we have incorporated a unique spring loaded forward leaning option. This allows you to maintain ergonomic positioning and tilt a little closer. Great for pediatrics, office workers……

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Orbital Modular

The Orbital Modular chair was designed as a less expensive version of the popular S and MS chairs. The modular design allows you to custom build your chair to suit your specific needs and budget. The height is adjustable to a near standing position — great for the veterinarian, architect, tattoo artist, beauty salon……

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OrbitalModular saddle back

Orbital Modular ESD

The Orbital Modular ESD chair is the only ergonomic support system on the market for electrostatic discharge sensitive environments. The modular design allows you to custom build the chair to suit the environment. The height is adjustable to a near standing position. Ideal for electronics manufacturing, assembly and inspection. ESD rated arm rests, ESD casters, ESD vinyl and a fully bonded structure.
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