Dental office ergonomic support chair

Ergonomic Dental Chairs

The Orbital Chair is an ergonomic dental chair / stool designed to help dental professionals maintain correct working posture, in a forward leaning environment. Dental practitioners needlessly sacrifice their body health on a daily basis. The Orbital Chair is a leading edge solution to this widespread problem. These ergonomic support systems are designed to keep dental professionals ergonomically healthier, thereby increasing productivity, working lifespan and improving overall body health throughout their career and into retirement.

Orbital Chair Advantages:

  1. Revolutionary ergonomic anterior support.
  2. High quality materials.
  3. Easy glide casters.
  4. Heavy base for added stability.
  5. Low center of gravity.
  6. Post leans forward for maximum clearance.
  7. Adjustable leaning position (optional).
  8. Adjustable chest support
  9. Independently adjustable arm rests.
  10. Seat tilt & slide adjustments
  11. Available with standard ergonomic seat or saddle seat.
  12. Arm rests, chest and seat are linked and move together with height adjustment.
  13. Small space requirement (footprint) – ergonomic dental chair ideal for smaller operatives.
  14. Hands free (sterile) adjustment for tilt and height.

Featured Products

Orbital 5S

The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a traditional 5 wheeled base. The chest pad and arm rests are adjustable and it has a unique spring loaded forward leaning option, allowing you to get a little closer to the patient. This chair is used by many dentists, dental hygienists and dental assistants. All Orbital chairs and stools are available with a saddle seat or our standard ergonomic seat.

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Orbital S

The Orbital Surgical (S) is a hands free height adjustable anterior support system. The low center of gravity four wheeled base is the most compact and stable base in the surgical arena and will fit in any operative. It is fully adjustable including seat slide and tilt, chest pad height and independently adjustable armrests. This chair / stool provides precision positioning and works well with loupes. Full body support helps dentists avoid back, shoulder, neck, and arm pain. All Orbital chairs and stools are available with a saddle seat or our standard ergonomic seat.

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ORbital at the Dentist

Here is what dentists are saying about Orbital Chairs!

The chair supported my back and my arms thereby alleviating any stress or tension on my shoulder muscles. It was amazing. I could work all day without feeling any pain on my shoulder.