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Ergonomic dental chair with arm rests

UBC Master of Occupational Therapy Presentation

Orbital chair presentation to the Master of Occupational Therapy graduating class at University of British Columbia Hospital. Thank you for inviting us to present on …

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Prevention of Neck, Shoulder and Back Disorders

Here is an interesting article for dentists and surgeons experiencing neck, shoulder and back pain. Alan Hedge, PhD, CPE, Professor of Ergonomics at Cornell University …

CAOT Conference 2022

May 4 – 7, 2022 Orbital Support Systems will be exhibiting at this years CAOT’s 2022 Conference. This will be a hybrid event with both …

“I really like the chair and it helps with my posture and to take pressure off of my lower back.”

“I really like the chair and it helps with my posture and to take pressure off of my lower back.” Dr. Jason Streeter A testimonial …

Orbital 5S Testimonial

Orbital Chairs and stools support the back muscles, thereby relieving back pain. Here is another testimonial: “I have been very pleased with my new stools. …

The Orbital MS – Microsurgical Ergonomic Chair

The Orbital MS (Microsurgical) ergonomic chair is a larger version of the Orbital S (Surgical) chair. This ergonomic chair was designed for doctors who operate …

The Orbital Modular Ergonomic Chair

The Orbital Modular ergonomic chair is an easily customized, full body support system. Orbital chairs apply a “reverse seating” principle, providing chest support to ensure …

Doctor Testimonial

I’ve been using the Orbital S for almost a year now. I’m always drawn to quality. This chair is second to none. Well crafted…Almost a …

The Orbital S (Surgical)

The Orbital S (surgical) chair was initially designed for Medical Doctors. Ergonomics in the operating room is almost non-existent and consists of simple stools (with …

Video Testimonial Ergonomic Dental Chair

  Dr. Cindy Nagle from Horizon Dental discusses the ergonomic benefits of the Orbital Chair at the 2020 Pacific Dental Conference in Vancouver. See our …

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The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a traditional 5 wheeled


The Orbital Chair S is ideal for operators where floor


The Orbital Microsurgical (MS) is a larger version of the


The Orbital Xtreme (XS) is the most complete support system

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