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Orbital 5S

The Orbital 5 Star (5S) incorporates a unique forward tilting feature.

Orbital Assist - dental assistant chair foot ring

Orbital Assist

The Orbital Assist is a taller version of the 5S and performs particularly well as a dental assistant chair. 

Orbital S

The Orbital Surgical (S) is an ultra-stable ergonomic support system in a saddle chair. Medical and Dental and professionals will find its compact design perfect for fitting into any operatory.

Orbital MS

The Orbital Microsurgical (MS) is an ergonomic stool designed for use in microsurgery and standing environments.

Orbital XS

The Orbital Xtreme Surgical (XS) Chair is a custom-built full-body ergonomic support device.

Orbital Modular

The Orbital Modular Chair is easily customized to suit your needs. Optional attachments are easily installed.

Orbital Modular ESD

The Orbital Modular ESD Chair is a fully bonded and grounded anti-static chair. Excellent for use around sensitive electronics.

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